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Surpass the mind, by embracing life contrast, we exist beyond our thoughts.

Mána Breathwork is a breakthrough tool that allows us to regulate the nervous system. It incorporates many elements besides the breath with the purpose to promote relaxation, healing, balance, performance, and longevity.

During a Mána Breathwork session, the participant learns how to use the breath as a continuous, uninterrupted flow of energy. It seeks to attain a full, long, wide, harmonious, and pleasant breath achieving greater physical, psychological and emotional wellness.

Currently, individual and group sessions are available through video conference and in person at our Beverly Hills or Mid-City locations. Mána Breathwork Master Trainers continue to closely monitor new developments and follow the guidelines put forth by the CDC.

If you prefer to do a session at home, our master trainers can come to your location to facilitate a private session for you or for your group of friends.

What to Expect

The content and the course of a Mána Breathwork session vary considerably from person to person and from session to session because connected and coherent breathing can induce changes on a physical, emotional, psychological, and electromagnetic level. We tailor each individual session to the goals and challenges that are experiencing in their present daily life.

Every session includes coaching and breathing. Our certified breath and meditation teachers will start with a conversation to help frame our work together as well as set any intentions. You will then begin conscious connected breathing with guidance and close with a guided integration.

We work with spiritual psychology and the Human Design system.

During the session, our master trainers will interact with you synchronously as they guide you through the session. You’ll experience:

Virtual Sessions

In the individual online sessions, you will have the opportunity to observe some tendencies of the mind, your body and emotions.

Each session lasts 90 minutes via video conference using any of the following applications: Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp Video or FaceTime.

You can do it from the comfort of your own space at any place in the world.

How to prepare yourself for your online Mána Breathwork session:

In Person

In person sessions are performed at our Beverly Hills or Mid-City locations or at your own location. Our sanitized studios are prepared with everything you need to enjoy your sessions while you observe some tendencies of your mind, body and emotions.When doing a session at your location, be prepared to have a private distraction-free space.

A typical private individual session is thoroughly comprehensive and lasts 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

How to prepare yourself for in person Mána Breathwork session:

Corporate Breathwork

Available on Location - For Workplace, Film Sets, or Music Venues.

If you belong to a community, group, small business or corporation and would like us to create a breathwork experience for your workspace, Mána Breathwork Events are just right for you. We create experiences to enhance the synergy of working people, to create more focus and productivity and teach overall conscious lifestyles. Trough breathing exercises, healthy eating habits and mind observation, Mána Breathwork Events provide en experience to relax body and mind to achieve more effectiveness and productivity on any business.

Group Meditations and Seminars

With gentle and powerful techniques, the Mána Breathwork group seminars are focused on creating an individual workspace enhanced by the group synergy. During group events, you will have the opportunity to taste what Mána Breathwork is all about.   We will practice different exercises of meditation, breathing, contact with the body, relaxation, stillness and fun. Breathing, the presence state and music are going to be the essence of this individual work space accompanied by the energy of other people.

We focus the session on mobilizing in a subtle and powerful way the physical, mental and emotional blocks that generate fatigue and discomfort while having lots of fun and joy.

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