Mána Breathwork

A deeply empowering method

What is Mána Breathwork

Mána Breathwork is a deeply empowering method for generating self-healing and transformation through higher states of consciousness, using our breath.

Connected and coherent breathing is perhaps the most valuable technique that humans can master. It allows you to recover your repressed ability to breathe freely and release old unhelpful breathing patterns and restrictions that you have accumulated since the beginning of your lives as a result of negative thoughts, stress, fear, trauma, anxiety, poor posture, and other factors.

It operates at a gentle yet very deep level, and it is used to switch your body's nervous system from a state of tension to one of relaxation.

Many of today’s illnesses are caused or worsened by stress, dysfunctional breathing or unbalanced oxygenation. Breathing is the essence of health and the key to longevity.

Mána Breathwork is an experientially oriented method that involves diverse elements and techniques such as Conscious Energy Breathing, Human Design, Psychophysiological Coherence, Neurolinguistic Programming, The Quantum Diet, Meditation, Creative Expression, Guided Integration Experiences, Spiritual Psychology, Purification Practices and incorporates technology from The Heart Math Institute, Virtual Reality, and cutting-edge ergonomics, designed to create harmony between the body, mind, heart, and environment.

Mána Breathwork is our own holistic approach to creating an extraordinary life and keep expanding in every possible way.

“Conscious energy breathing is the art of moving energy as well as air”.
- Leonard Orr
Father of Breathwork